Slovenia is a beautiful country which is small in size but rich in landscape. It combines the characteristics of mountains, coast, hills and plains. It is full of jewels, some of which are still hidden from the eyes of the public, waiting to step out of the shadows of those that are already well-known.

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It is its natural features as well as its inhabitants that make Slovenia such a diverse country. In this small area, people have dedicated themselves to a variety of activities, related in part to the local landscape. The legacy of this symbiosis with nature and human ingenuity shine through in the wide range of products which testify to the life of our ancestors. While some have been all but forgotten, surviving only as museum exhibits, others are still used today, sometimes in a modified form to suit our modern needs.

The SLOLIST web store offers products which are all representative of the Slovenian cultural heritage in one way or another. Every object has its own story which distinguishes it from the multitude of cheap products on the market. Some items available from our web store have been adapted to the modern way of life and use; others make for a wonderful gift for any occasion, from personal celebrations to business gifts.

We work exclusively with Slovenian producers. All products are handmade.

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